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    Founded: 1986

    Headquarters: Gudalur, Tamil Nadu

    Geographical Focus: Tamil Nadu

    Lives Impacted: 12,000+

    Organization Overview:

    Action for Community Organisation, Rehabilitation and Development (ACCORD) aims to empower the Paniyas, Bettakurumbas, Mullakurumbas and Kattunayakans tribal communities of Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu to assert their rights in a complex geography. It supports the communities through economic development, access to human rights and legal aid, and by organizing them against challenges.

  • Agragamee

    Founded: 1981

    Headquarters: Kashipur, Odisha

    Geographical Focus: Odisha

    Lives Impacted: 16,000+

    Organization Overview:

    Based in drought-prone tribal regions of Odisha, Agragamee aims to bring self-reliance through livelihoods and income generation (food) & education, women & youth leadership, and institution building. It works with Scheduled Tribe communities including the Khond, Paraja, and Jhodia tribes in Odisha across 6 aspirational districts. These are some of India’s most chronically poor and remote districts with historic gaps in development.

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  • Ajagar Social Circle (ASC)

    Founded: 2001

    Headquarters: Goalpara, Assam

    Geographical Focus: Assam and Meghalaya

    Lives Impacted: 30,000+

    Organization Overview:

    Ajagar Social Circle was started to bring about a change in socio-economic status, support low-income segment and increase the livelihood opportunities of the people in north-eastern region. The organization at present is engaged in a range of activities that are clearly demarcated and collectively aim to provide social and economic security to the farming, allied and non-farming  community living in the Assam-Meghalaya belt.

  • Anubhuti Trust

    Founded: 2016

    Headquarters: Thane, Maharashtra

    Geographical Focus: Maharashtra

    Lives Impacted: 232,500+

    Organization Overview:

    Anubhuti Trust empowers youth through leadership development, sensitization, and advocacy on issues of gender, caste, class, ethnicity, and language-based exploitation. It primarily works with NT-DNT (Nomadic and De-Notified Tribes), Scheduled Tribes (ST), and Scheduled Caste (SC) communities in Maharashtra.

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  • Arpan

    Founded: 1996

    Headquarters: Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand

    Geographical Focus: Uttarakhand

    Lives Impacted: 2,500+

    Organization Overview:

    ARPAN works in Pithoragarh district, Uttarakhand at the trijunction of Nepal, Tibet and China Border. This is an earthquake prone, hilly region with most tribal communities displaced from their forest lands. Arpan focuses on women from tribal communities who are at the intersection of ethnicity and gender based oppression. Their key interventions are: land rights for women, livelihoods, education and women and child protection.

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  • Ashadeepa Angavikalara Sarva Abhiwruddhi Seva Samsthe

    Founded: 2014

    Headquarters: Bagalkote, Karnataka

    Geographical Focus: Karnataka

    Lives Impacted: 48,887

    Organization Overview:

    Ashadeepa was founded and is run by Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in the remote district of Bagalkote in Bangalore. It works to address challenges and empower PWDs and their families; underserved women and children through community-based rehabilitation programs. It aims to provide support to PWDs through all stages of their lives with effective delivery of interventions across education, health and livelihood. 

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  • Bhittibhumi Seva Sangathan(BSS)

    Founded: 2001

    Headquarters: Sambalpur, Odisha

    Geographical Focus: Odisha

    Lives Impacted: 24,500+

    Organization Overview:

    Bhittibhumi works with Dalit, Other Backward Class (OBC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) communities, especially Gond, Kisan and Sabar tribes, in the Sambalpur and Bargarh districts of Odisha.  They support smallholder farmers and children with accessing entitlements, diversifying agricultural practices, and reconnecting with their social-cultural heritage.

  • Centre for Women and Girls (CWG)

    Founded: 2006

    Headquarters: Chandel, Manipur

    Geographical Focus: Manipur

    Lives Impacted: 35,000+

    Organization Overview:

    Centre for Women and Girls (CWG) was founded in 2006 by Hechin Haokip in Chandel district of Manipur and works with 2 districts along the Indo-Myanmar Border. The organization endeavors to empower women and youth by providing need-based capacity building on sustainable livelihood, human rights and governance. They strive to promote justice through quality education with involvement of the community.

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  • Chetna Vikas

    Founded: 1985

    Headquarters: Deoghar, Jharkhand

    Geographical Focus: Jharkhand

    Lives Impacted: 374,000+

    Organization Overview:

    Chetna Vikas was set up by a young team of social activists on the Gandhian principles of Swaraj (Self-Rule). It works with women, children with disabilities and school dropouts, as well as informal labour from tribal communities – Santhal, Birhor, and Kol tribes in the Dumka, Deogarh, and Banka districts of Jharkhand and Bihar. Key focus areas for the organization are livelihood & income generation, youth empowerment, inclusive education and community rehabilitation centres, and resilient child protection governance systems support.

  • Chitrika Foundation

    Founded: 2005

    Headquarters: Hyderabad, Telangana

    Geographical Focus: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana

    Lives Impacted: 405 (weavers)

    Organization Overview:

    Chitrika Foundation supports perishing weaving communities by mobilization, capacitation, and support with tech-based management systems, marketing, and financial services with the aim of enhancing ownership, economic returns, and market procurement.

  • Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project

    Founded: 2019

    Headquarters: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

    Geographical Focus: Madhya Pradesh

    Lives Impacted: 90+

    Organization Overview:

    The Criminal Justice and Police Accountability Project (CPA Project) was founded in 2019 as a litigation, research and capacity-building intervention committed to ending the disproportionate targeting of marginalized communities by the criminal justice system. They aim to create a society where caste’s stronghold over the justice system is dismantled by centering the voices of Bahujan communities.

  • Dalit Manavadhikar Kendra Samiti (DMKS)

    Founded: 2004

    Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan​

    Geographical Focus: Rajasthan

    Lives Impacted: 200,000+​

    Organization Overview:

    Dalit Manavadhikhar Kendra Samiti (DMKS) founded in 2004 in Jaipur focuses on addressing caste-based atrocities. The organization works institutionally to combat corruption, violence, and customary practices prevailing in Rajasthan. DMKS works towards building awareness and agency within the community for impactful implementation of existing laws to bring about social justice and address their unique challenges.