Dasra Philanthropy Forum | Rebuilding India


The 10th edition of Dasra Philanthropy Forum, titled “Dasra Philanthropy Forum | Rebuilding India,” hosted on May 18, 2023, brought together over 80 non-profit leaders, philanthropists, corporates, and sector experts to join us in our mission of #EmpoweringGrassroots.

The Forum served as a platform to delve into critical and thought-provoking discussions around trust-based philanthropy, power dynamics in giving, climate and resilience, and much more, while keeping communities at the center of discussions.

Here are some key takeaways from the session:
Amplifying Proximate Voices: Trusting and actively listening to leaders with lived experiences is essential as they possess unique knowledge of their community issues and solutions. Such leaders, despite having the ability to mobilize sustainable change in their communities, lack the resources and network accessibility to make it happen.
Building an Inclusive Climate Agenda: Climate change funding is disproportionately low, and indigenous communities, despite their stewardship of natural resources, receive less than 1% of global climate philanthropic funding. Taking action against climate change requires fostering political agencies, defending tribal leaders, and promoting traditional community-based practices of environmental conservation.
Trust-based Giving in India: For building sector resilience, it is crucial to prioritize trust in community leaders and encourage social sector leaders to take risks. Funders play a vital role in creating the necessary space for innovation and providing support that empowers leaders to embrace risks and drive meaningful impact.
Giving back the power: Power dynamics are inherent in philanthropy, but funders can make a conscious effort to mitigate them by refraining from meddling and interfering with the organizations they support. Minimizing reporting requirements, promoting well-being, and actively engaging in empathetic and collaborative conversations with proximate leaders can empower them.
Inclusive Measurement, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL): Encouraging NGOs to actively participate in defining success and impact based on their own priorities is essential. Trust-based funding can support organizations in investing in capabilities and rigorous evaluation processes that align with their goals and values, ensuring a more inclusive and meaningful approach to MEL.

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